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Deb and I are sleeping so much better, it took a while because the ADAPT spray with adaptogens take a while to build up in your system.  I would encourage you to read the testimonials and listen to some of the recorded calls you find on their web page. I take 10 sprays and it is tasteless and I'm sleeping better than I ever had since childhood. Sleep isn't the only benefit, mood, tension and depression is all aided by serotonin levels. You have nothing to lose because of the company's money back guarantee. Click on the video on the web page.

Adapt X.1

Arego Life ADAPT™ includes patented Adaptenol which helps naturally balance each of the 14 serotonin neuro-pathways.


Researchers were able to identify a specific group of polyphenols found exclusively in the young monocot plants. These polyphenols are adaptogens that naturally allow your body to modulate all serotonin pathways. Serotonin, “the happiness hormone”impacts nearly every aspect of your health including sleep patterns, libido, mental health, organ function and much much more. Soon after their discovery, the researchers realized that making these polyphenols viable for consumption was very challenging. The extraction and delivery processes were prohibitively expensive and impractical for the consumer. After 20 years of research and development, Dr. Don Coplin discovered a process to improve extraction thus yielding higher levels of polyphenols, and most importantly- a delivery system that is convenient, practical and affordable for today’s consumer.


ADAPT X.1 performed powerfully in a double-blind study. The study focused on the mood and sleep impact ADAPT X.1 had on moderately stressed adults.

  • 8% Less Tension
  • 15% Less Depression
  • 25% Less Irritability
  • 33% Faster Falling Asleep
  • 50% Improved Sleep Efficiency
  • 40% Improved Sleep Quality
  • 30% Fewer Wakes at Night
  • 24% More Time in REM Sleep

Try Adapt X.1 for 60-days risk free with a no questions asked money-back guarantee and discover a new healthier you. This is one-month supply and Adapt is tasteless.  As low as $55.00 per bottle.

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