A Night out at the Ballpark

This story is about 3 retired ladies, a bottle of Jack Daniels
and a baseball game.

Lets see how good a detective you are in solving the riddle:

3 elderly ladies went to their first Reds game, something that
was an occasion of great excitement for them. To add to the
excitement they smuggled in a bottle of booze to the game &
immediately started to enhance the soft drinks they had bought.
It was a good game as there was a lot of action on the field
and a lot of action in the stands. All too soon, long before the
game was over, the bottle was nearly empty...

By now I have given you enough information to tell what inning
it is and how many runners are on base.....do you know the answer?.....

Answer at bottom

It's the bottom of the fifth, and the bags are loaded.