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What do Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler have in common? They talk about the rule of law, they come from sanctuary cities which nullify federal law and they support that. They obstruct ICE and Law Enforcement. They reject our immigration laws all while talking about the rule of law, ya right!

The constitution is the law of the land not the so-called politicians that run these committees. Every president that crosses the House of Representatives in the future under the standard less procedures they put in place under the abuse of power and the obstruction of Congress is subject to the potential of impeachment if they don’t bow to the will of the majority in the House of Representatives.

The Democrats claim that President Trump has obstructed Congress, How have they obstructed Congress, has the Senate done anything yet? Once they won the majority in the House, they immediately started impeachment proceedings. The president of the United Sates has NO obligation to them. They talk about the abuse of power. Every present since the beginning of the USA has fought against a Congress that is out of control. Every past president would be subject to impeachment under the current articles being debated in the House of Representatives. John Adams would have been impeached, he shut down newspapers and imprisoned reporters. Abraham Lincoln would be impeached, he shut down 300 newspapers and imprisoned reporters.  Thomas Jefferson would be impeached because of the Louisiana purchase with budget approval from Congress. Woodrow Wilson would be impeached, he re-segregated the civil service and he put political opponents and reporters in prison. FDR would be impeached because of the internment of Japanese Americans, Italian Americans and German Americans, he took their property, he took their homes. FDR used the Internal Revenue Service against the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Gannett owner and used the IRS against his political opponents like Huey long, FDR would have been impeached multiple times! John Kennedy would be impeached for using the FBI and the IRS against his political opponents, and leaked information against them. Lyndon Johnson would be impeached for using the IRS, CIA and the FBI against his political opponents and against civil rights leaders and by the way became a multi-millionaire while he was a senator. It’s a known fact Johnson made millions off the Vietnam war. So, we’d have a lot of impeachment going on under these rogue house democrat leadership rules that these partisan thugs have put in place.

Let’s look at the history of the democratic party, it’s very ugly history.  The Democratic party is the party of slavery, a party of segregation, the party of abortion, removing of historical statues,  removing God and religion from everything public and the party of Jim Crow. When the Democratic party does what it does, it needs to be censored! The next democrat president of the United States must be impeached, not to get even, not because we're at their low level. Because the Republicans can’t live under one constitution when the Democrats live under another constitution, it’s the only way we're going to stop their foolishness. One party can’t be allowed to abuse the constitution yet wave it around while the other party sits there and takes it. The Democrat Socialist party must be stopped. Do the democrats want endless constitutional subpoenas? Not resorting to traditional review, no due process, accusers protected from scrutiny, phone calls foreign leaders must be released if another Democrat gets elected the president’s closest advisors must testify tax returns, business records, bank records, business associates, all subject to Congressional action with an appointment of a special council. That’s the Pelosi way of running the House! This then must become the Republican project that the Democrats should adhere to under the same rules they judge President Trump by, after all fair is fair right?

The Mueller report was 500 pages and 40 million dollars to tell us the President is an innocent man that didn’t commit any crimes. Then we have another 500 page report from the Inspector General that says the Obama Administration spied on the trump Campaign, tampered with evidence and repeatedly lied to the Federal FISA Court to get bogus warrants, 4 times renewed, used a fake dossier paid for by the Clinton Campaign and the DNC that they knew was all bogus. Donald Trump is the real victim here as the media, a faction of the Democratic Socialist party USA.

Let’s not forget about Obama using the IRS against Conservative groups as courts forced punitive damages against the weaponization that Obama proudly used while the mainstream views media all but ignored the scandal. We won’t even bring up the billions of unauthorized money Obama sent illegally to the Iranians without congressional approval or John Kerry advising the Iranians on how to deal with President Trump, a violation of the Logan Act. By the way, Kerry’s daughter is married to an Iranian Mullahs son. Talk about a conflict of interest! Do we dare mention the Biden Quid Pro Joe?   The there is Hillary smashing and bleaching hard drives, a rogue server in her closet, infiltrated by foreign governments. Then there’s Obamas Mexican gun running scandal and inviting hordes of family and friends to take trips with the Obamas at the governments expense. Oh, the Republicans could have a field day running to the courts, appointing special prosecutors and spending hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers money against political opponents. These Socialist democrats must be stopped and never again allowed to weaponize congress again against someone who fairly defeats them in a future election. Return our country to civility and justice. Those who attempted this coup against President Trump must pay a deep price.  The press failed in its job to present the facts and give the accolades to the President for all he has accomplished, I believe President Trump will go down in history as the greatest president and reformer in history.  It's about time we had a businessman and not a slick talking, carrier of political BS and empty promises in the White House.  Four more years with a landslide election in 2020. Go 45, keep us proud!