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Yet another shooting in Virginia. It don't take long to figure out that gun free zones only protect the shooter from people returning fire. Whose to blame? I say in part, lawmakers passing these ridiculous laws from law abiding citizens carrying firearms to protect themselves. You NEVER hear of the Views Media reporting on 1000's of stories where a law abiding citizen used his or her weapon to stop a massacre. It happens much more than is reported. These city workers in Virginia had no protection whatsoever, they were sitting ducks, unprepared, untrained and unarmed. They were not the victims of gun violence but the became the victims of lawmaker violence! Yes, another gun violence that happened in a gun free zone! I wonder why that happened? I think if we have more laws, more regulations, more restrictions and ban high capacity magazines this would all stop right? Wrong! That is liberal stupidity at its finest. These victims let their guard down and they trusted government, they were villainized. Victims of legislators!