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Logical? No we tried that once and it lead to many more problems. Although alcohol had caused millions of problems around our world. Did you ever hear of liberals after multiple fatalities crying to ban alcohol? Why then do they do it when people die from gun violence? Hypocritical you might say?  The fact is they want our guns because they cannot control our future with them! Do you want facts? Doctors kill more people than guns and we have gun control. Now they want to confiscate our guns. Now Idiot Omar suggested on the news today that the United Nations take over our border! Yes you heard me right! Many don't know it yet but under Obama he agreed to a treaty for the UN to patrol our border and seize our guns. Omar knows it and is pushing for UN Control. This will not happen, thank God for President Trump. We are going to have to push back hard for our rights especially of democrats take control. Remember four boxes keep us free, the ballot box, the cartridge box, the jury box and the soap box!  Your silence is your consent!