June 3rd Rant - Justifying Murder!

I watched another pro death catholic democrat who told us last night at the town hall with Chris Wallace that she attends bible study at her church. Well, I'd like to know just what bible is she reading out of? Maybe they should just tear those pages out because apparently they go against them justifying murder! How does she ignore some of the most important scriptures in God's word? She spoke about the choice that women should have over the control of their own bodies. Has she not studied science and realized that an entire separate cell system is in place for another entire human life? Has she not seen level 2 ultra sounds where the baby has a beating heart and is not just a blob of tissue like they have always been told? How can she ignore the teachings of her own church let alone the scriptures including thou shall not kill? Do you think the weak willed communist pope is going to follow the scriptures? If he or the leadership in the church had any gonads they would have been excommunicated these heretics, Jezebels and Ahabs a long time ago. Apparently the church is more concerned losing income than its members than following the scriptures. This is why the world is weak and failing, the church is weak and we have allowed it because we have let it pass in the name of political correctness and love. True love means telling the truth and holding people of faith to accountability. No one wants to be accountable anymore and we wonder why the world is going to hell in a hand-basket!