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I was in Walmart this morning and the Listerene display had a multi colored rainbow display indicating they were celebrating the "diversity" lifestyles. You turn on the TV and the Hollywood Pedophiles shove the LGBTQ lifestyle down our throats. The greatest trick of LGBTQ activists was convincing corporations and bullying lawmakers into believing the lie that those in LGBTQ lifestyles are born that way. Science proves no one is born into the LGBTQ lifestyle. Laws have been passed in many countries saying that if you speak against it you can be thrown in Jail and fined. Pastors are told they cant preach the scriptures about what the bible says about homosexuality in many countries, bakers and florist are being sued for following their religious conviction! ENOUGH!! And yet, anyone who dares to state this truth risks a total destruction of his or her life. Take just the 'T' in that LGBTQ alphabet represented in that rainbow flag. Dr. Michelle Cretella, M.D., president of American College of Pediatricians, explained that if a brain was born the wrong sex due to factors before birth, every single identical twin would have the same gender identity every time. They do not. Identical twins have identical DNA. Therefore, if transgenderism were in the genes, 100% of the time, both twins would be either transgender or non-transgender. Studies show that if one twin is transgender, 72% of the time the other twin is normal. This proves that post-birth events primarily impact your identity. In other words, transgenderism is a mental disorder.

Using their “born this way” lie, LGBTQ activists claim rejecting their lifestyle in any of its manifestations is bigotry, this is hogwash as we used to call it in WI. My DNA confirms that I was born white. There is no homosexual gene PERIOD! As I stated, daring to state this scientific truth is not permitted; igniting swift and intense retaliation on offenders. It blows my mind that we are not allowed to publicly state facts, common sense and truth. The LGBTQ enforcers demand that we embrace lies, evil and craziness. If people want to practice this kinky perversion fine, stand before God and explain away and do it in your own house, not in public! I'm sick and tired of them forcing their morality down our throats and into legislation that has no merit!  FED UP IN UTAH!  The reason we are dealing with this is that the church is weak and disabled, our silence has led to the destruction of our culture and it is no ones fault but our own because we bought into the lie of political correctness!