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Study by Kevin Hentges

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His Handiwork (Psalm 19:1).

For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen (Romans 1:21).

If the earth where either 10% larger or 10% smaller than it is, life would not be possible on this planet. Furthermore it is just the right distance from the sun, and thus we receive the right amount of heat and light. If it were farther away we would freeze, if it were closer such as the distance of Mercury or Venus we would not be able to survive.

An amazing fact is the tilt of the axis of the earth. None of the other planets is tilted, as ours is, 23 degrees. This angle proves that the earth is slowly turned in all parts of its surface before the rays of the sun. If there were no tilt to the axis, the poles would accumulate enormous masses of ice and the center part of the earth would become intensively hot.

Another amazing aspect of our relationship in the solar system is our moon. Many people do not realize that without the moon it would be impossible to live on this planet. If anyone would be able to succeed in deflecting the moon from it’s orbit, all life would cease on this planet. God had provided the moon as a maid to clean up the oceans and the shores of our continents. Without the tide created by the moon, all our harbors and shores would become on stench pool of garbage, and it would be impossible to live anywhere near them. Because of tides, continuous tides break upon the shores of the ocean, aerating the oceans of this planet and providing oxygen for the plankton, which is the very foundation of the food chain in our world.

Without plankton, there would not be oxygen and men would not be able to live on this earth. God has made the moon the correct orbit and placed the moon the right distance from the earth to perform these numerous other functions. There is the wonder of our atmosphere. We live under a great ocean of air, 78% nitrogen, 21%oxygen, and the other 1-% is made up of almost a dozen trace elements. Spectrographic studies of other planets in the stellar universe show that no other atmosphere, no other part of the known universe is made up of these same ingredients or anything like it’s composition. These elements are not chemically combined but are continually mixed mechanically by the tidal effect of the moon upon the atmosphere. This has the same effect that it has upon the seas and always provided the same amount of oxygen. Though man dumps a tremendous amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, this is absorbed into the ocean and man is able to live on this planet. If the atmosphere were not as thick as it was, we would be crushed by the millions of pieces of cosmic debris in meteorites that fall continually on our planet.

Then there is the amazing nitrogen cycle. Nitrogen is extremely inert, if it were not, we would all be poisoned by different forms of nitrous combinations. However, because of its inertness, it is impossible for us to get it to combine naturally with other things. It is definitely needed for plants in the ground. How does God provide to get the nitrogen out of the air and into the soil? He does so by lightning! One hundred thousand lightening bolts strike this planet daily, creating a hundred million tons of usable nitrogen plant food in the soil every year.

Forty miles up there is a layer of ozone. If it were compressed it would be only one quarter of an inch thick. Yet without it life could not exist. Eight killer rays falls upon this planet continually from the sun. Without ozone we would be burned, blinded and boiled by them in just a day or two. The ultraviolet rays come in two forms: longer rays which are deadly and screened out, shorter rays which are necessary for life on earth and are admitted by the ozone layer. Furthermore the most deadly of these rays are allowed through the ozone layer at just a very thin amount, enough to kill the green algae, which otherwise would grow to fill all these lakes, rivers, and oceans of the world.

Then we have the wonder of water. Nowhere else in the universe do we find water in any abundance except here on earth. This amazing liquid exists as ice, breaks up rocks, and produces soil. As snow it stores up water in the valleys. As rain it cleanses the earth. As vapor it provides moisture for much of the land of the earth. It exists as cloud cover, in just the right amount. If we had clouds like Venus, earth would not exist. But we have exactly 50% of the earth’s surface covered by clouds at any one time, allowing just the right amount of sunlight to come through. Other than bismuth it is the only liquid that is heavier at 4 degrees Celsius than it is at freezing. If this were not so, life would not exist on this planet. Therefore, when it is frozen it is lighter and it rises. If this were not so, lakes would freeze from the bottom up and kill all the fish. The algae would be destroyed and our oxygen supply would cease, and mankind would die.

Even dust provides an incredible function for mankind. It serves all real purpose, such as we would never see a blue sky without dust. Seventeen miles above this planet there is no dust from this earth, and the sky is always black. If it were not for dust, it would never rain. One drop of rain is made up of 8 million droplets of water, and each one of those, 8 million droplets are in wrapped around a tiny particle of dust. Without these, the world would perish and life would cease to exist.

Then there is the wonder of wonders, the human eye! How can an atheist look at the human eye and supposed just happened? Imagine creating two eyes on a horizontal plane so that we not only can see but we also have a range finder that determines distance.

Do you ever wonder what happens to your tears that continually flow across your eyes? In order to keep the eye clean and moist, which quantities are necessary to it brightness and its use, a wash is constantly supplied by a secretion for the purpose; and the superfluous brine is conveyed to the nose through a perforation in the bone as large as goose quill. When the fluid enters the nose, it spreads itself upon the inside of the nostril and is evaporated the current of warm air in which the course of respiration is continually passing through.

When confronted with darkness the human eye increases its ability to see one hundred thousand times. The finest camera ever made does not even come close in comparison, but our eye does it automatically! Isn’t God fantastic!

Lastly, I mention the incredible mind of man. The human brain is the most marvelous and mysterious object in the entire universe. Weighing only about 3.3 pounds it can perform what 500 tons of electrical equipment cannot do. Containing 10-15 billion neurons, each a living unit within itself, it performs feats that absolutely boggle the mind. Therefore men who reject or ignore God, do so not because science or reason requires then to, but purely and simply because they want to. The scripture says, And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind” Romans 1:28

The agnostic may face life with a smile and a heroic attitude. He may put on a brave front, but deep down inside he is not happy. He stands in awe and reverence at the vastness of the universe, knowing not why or where he came. He is appalled at the stupendousness of space and the infinitude of time, humiliated by the smallness of himself, aware of his own frailty, weakness and brevity. Certainly he sometimes yearns for a staff on which to lean. He too, carries a cross. For him, this earth is but a tricky raft adrift in the unfathomable waters of eternity with no horizon in sight and his heart aches for every precious life upon the raft, drifting where no ones knows.

I believe in God. However to believe in Him is not enough, for even the devil believes in God and trembles. It is necessary not only that we believe he exists but we believe that he became incarnate in Jesus Christ and that He died for our sins. It is necessary that we believe and that we repent of our sins and cast ourselves at His feet and place our trust in Him, in His atoning death for our salvation.