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Deb and I are sleeping so much better, it took a while because the ADAPT spray with adaptogens take a while to build up in your system.  I would encourage you to read the testimonials and listen to some of the recorded calls you find on their web page. I take 10 sprays and it is tasteless and I'm sleeping better than I ever had since childhood. Sleep isn't the only benefit, mood, tension and depression is all aided by serotonin levels. You have nothing to lose because of the company's money back guarantee. Click on the video on the web page.

My June 8th Daily Rant!

The Lame Stream Views Media just couldn't help themselves bashing Trumps Mexico tariffs. It was doom and gloom. How dare he? Trump was going to cause real hardship on American consumers. President Trump has had to take matters into his own hands because the democrats/socialist/communists are still stinging from his come from behind, no way he can win mantra! Trump actually loves this country that has given him so much opportunity and he is willing to take countries to task who has been using and abusing us for years.

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